• June 7, 2017

Keep cool and drive on with air conditioning

Keep cool and drive on with air conditioning

Keep cool and drive on with air conditioning 1024 454 Champlain Auto Body - Moncton's most trusted car collision repair center

There are new changes coming your way in regards of air conditioning. It may not seem that interesting for most people, but this change requires our center to acquire a new tool. We are talking about A/C refrigerant moving from R-134a to R-1234yf. This means the vehicle manufacturers are starting to use a more efficient and environmentally friendly gas to keep your A/C working.

At CSN – Champlain Auto Body, we have everything we need to repair vehicles that are now equipped with the new R-1234yf gas, as well as the conventional R-134a.

When the front end of a vehicle is damaged, we need to verify if the air conditioning system got damaged too. If there are any obvious damages, we will probably need to evacuate and recharge the A/C system.

This new machine allows us to leak test the system with pressurized vacuum flow. The pressure is gauged and the machine will determine if there’s a leak based on a loss of pressure.

Source: plus.google.com/+ApexAutoAZ

ac leak test dyeFinally, a small amount of dye will be added to the R-1234yf air conditioning system to help identify future leaks. The dye can only be seen by a bright white/green glow, when looking through yellow lenses and UV lights.

At this moment, only a small percentage of vehicles use R-1234yf gas. However new EPA (USA) regulations mandate that all domestic vehicles are to use R-1234yf gas by 2021.