This page outlines our 14 step process to ensure quality results, delivered every time by Champlain Auto Body in Dieppe.


In the Hold stage, no repairs are being performed on the vehicle. Some reasons for a car, truck, suv or van being in this stage would be: pending insurance procedure, pending customer authorization, possible total loss. Once conditions are satisfied, the vehicle will be moved to the next stage of the collision repair process.


In the To Book stage the repairs have been authorized and the customer will be contacted to schedule the repairs in our body shop and paint shop.


In the Scheduled In stage, vehicle repairs have been booked, either in person, by phone or by email and parts are ordered. If a rental vehicle is required, reservations will be made using authorized procedures. We also have a courtesy shuttle available if you live in the Greater Moncton area.


In the Repair Planning stage, the vehicle will undergo a complete disassembly on the damaged area to reveal any possible hidden damages by one of our I-Car Platinum Certified technicians. In the case of a non-driveable or towed in vehicle, this stage may precede Steps 1-3. All necessary parts or components of the car that need to be accessed will also be removed. All the damaged parts or structural damages will be identified and digitally photographed. Any additional parts required will be ordered. In the event that structural damage is identified your car, truck, suv or van will be measured by using our State-of-the-art Digital measuring system. The measurements will then be compared to the specification from the database provided by the original manufacturers. The comparison will create a damage analysis to show if the frame or the uni-body structure of the vehicle is damaged from the accident. All removed items are stored securely in the car’s designated parts cart. At this stage, the entire repair process will be blue printed to show the total extent of the repair.


In the Dispatch stage, the parts and materials have arrived to start repairs on the vehicle. All damages being repaired have been confirmed with the customer and the vehicle is pre-washed to enter our repair clinic.


A vehicle in the Build Down stage will be put on frame straightening equipment to perform structural repair. State-of-the-art digital frame diagnosis equipment will be used to create a three dimensional digital measurement of the vehicle. Repairs will then be performed on the damaged area using frame straightening equipment. After the repair, another three dimensional digital measurement will be performed to ensure that all of the vehicle’s frame or body now conforms to factory specifications. At this point, the structural & mechanical components have been installed on the vehicle and repairs are made to any parts that are deemed repairable in our body shop.


When a car, truck, suv or van is in the Filler/Body stage, any cosmetic repairs to metal or plastic panels will be completed in the body shop, and our Quality Control technician will inspect the vehicle before it can proceed to the next stage.


A vehicle in the Prep stage is getting ready for paint. All areas to be painted will be washed down with a solvent to remove all surface contamination. Repaired areas will be sanded and primed to prepare the surface for corrosion protection and for adhesion of the paint. Once cured the primer areas are sanded and the area is thoroughly checked for defects and blown off to remove any remaining dust prior to final masking. The area to be painted is washed again with a water based cleaner. At this point the vehicle is ready for our Quality Control process before moving to our paint shop.

Spray painting a hood with the matching color.


When your vehicle is in Paint stage, it is being painted. Colours are mixed on an electronic scale based on the factory paint code. A test card will then be sprayed and compared with the actual vehicle to ensure colour accuracy. All vehicles are sprayed with base coat/clear coat waterborne environmental product in CSN – Champlain Auto Body’s paint shop. If the repair area is very close to an adjacent panel, the panel may be blended. Blending means partial colouring of the panel to create a fade-in effect to the original color, which will enhance the visual effect of an invisible repair. The paint is then baked in our paint oven to ensure a factory like durable finish. All paintwork performed at CSN -Champlain Auto Body is backed by our limited nationwide lifetime guarantee.


A vehicle in the Reassembly stage is being reassembled. All of the undamaged parts that were previously removed, as well as any replacement parts, will be reinstalled at this time onto the vehicle. All installed components will be checked for functionality. Fluids are checked and topped up as needed. The vehicle is now brought back to pre-accident condition.


A vehicle in the Sublet repair stage has been sent out to a specialty shop or a specialist has been called in to perform an onsite repair. Sublet repairs are done when highly specialized repairs are needed. All of the sublet vendors we work with have the highest degree of qualifications in their specific field of repairs. Examples of such specialty repair types: Wheel alignments, interior vinyl and leather repair, convertible top replacement, specialty electronic diagnosis, and bio-clean up.


Detail/QC stage is all about car detailing, your car, truck, suv or van is ready for detail or in the process of being detailed. The vehicle’s interior is thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust that may have resulted from the repair process. The vehicle’s exterior is power washed and cleaned. A final quality check will also be performed at this point to ensure that all accident related components of the car are in proper working order. Quality checks are also done all throughout the repair process.


A vehicle in the Ready stage is ready to be picked up and the vehicle owner has been informed. All repairs are completed and inspected. The paperwork is ready to be signed. Deductibles or repair costs can be paid with cash, debit or credit card directly at CSN – Champlain Auto Body’s location.


A vehicle in the Delivered stage has already been returned to the customer. It has been picked up either by the customer or by any appointed personnel. All monies owing (deductible, betterment, customer pay items, etc) have been paid either by cash, debit, or credit card. Rental cars have been returned. Any information or photos on the repair of the vehicle are still available upon request.

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