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We have such a great crew

We keep pushing the boundaries of our craft and raising the skill level of our shop. It’s time for us to look back and give credit to those who have been part of this organisation for the long haul and who have worked hard to help us achieve such high standards.

We believe that our centre stands apart from the competition because our qualified staff. We’re proud that we have created an awesome place for our employees to work and thrive.

Collectively, we total over 260 years of experience in the collision repair industry. This is mostly due to the following members of CSN – Champlain Auto Body, who have all been with us for at least 5 years.

We will update this page throughout the year.

Luc Robichaud

Number of years in service: 12
Current position:  Production manager
Career highlight:  Having gone through the latest expansion
Special ability:  Can lift people up, both spiritually and physically
Hobbies:  Riding dirt bikes

Darren Walker

Number of years in service: 9
Current position: Parts
Career highlight:  Walking 4 km within the shop in a single day
Special ability:  Remaining optimistic
Hobbies:  Getting out in the woods

Jeff Martin

Number of years in service: 8
Current position:  Appraiser
Career highlight:  Fixing an NHL player’s vehicle
Special ability:  Great memory
Hobbies:  Auto body work… honestly

Steve Boudreau

Number of years in service: 7
Current position: Build down technician
Career highlight: Worked on some really nice cars: Audi R8s, Acura NSXs, Porsches, and Mercedes
Special ability: Opening a banana upside down
Hobbies:  Home improvement

Evan Buchanan

Number of years in service: 5
Current position: Prepping technician
Career highlight: Working at Champlain right after completing college.
Special ability: Creative problem solving.
Hobbies:  Writing music and photography.

Bob Oke

Number of years in service: 22
Current position: Reassembly technician
Career highlight: Worked on the “Legend Racing” car with Terry Barkhouse
Special ability: Licensed to operate a boat
Hobbies:  Riding a motorcycle

Marc Landry

Number of years in service: 7
Current position: Detailer technician
Career highlight: Working with a great team of people
Special ability: Knows about that little thing everyone else seems to have missed
Hobbies: Hanging out with good friends

Keith Daigle

Number of years in service: 28
Current position: Filler technician
Career highlight: Everyday is a new day
Special ability: Can convince anyone that it’s 4:30 pm, no matter what time it is
Hobbies: Camping

If you want to be part of this awesome team! Send us your resume at: mandie@champlainautobody.com