• July 26, 2017

Do we really have to travel to enjoy a vacation?

Do we really have to travel to enjoy a vacation?

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There are many reasons why we should enjoy a staycation. It allows you to save on traveling of course, but honestly, how often do we take the time to enjoy this area? People travel from far and wide to come to this region, so it might be time for us to have a taste of what our province has to offer.

Whether intended or not, we should be proud to take a staycation and we should stop trying to convince ourselves that it’s because we need to catch up on chores at home.

Let’s take the time to enjoy our region to the fullest as if we were tourists from far away. The chores will have to wait another year! If we were away, we would be enjoying local restaurants, museums, nature and cultural attractions. Well we can do the same thing right at home.

You know that place you often drive by and never stop because you are too busy? Well maybe it’s time to explore a little bit and learn more about your surroundings.

There are water parks in various locations, there’s a pool at Centennial Park and a series of sandy beaches to keep you cool.

east coast karting in dieppe eck

For the adrenaline junkies, there’s go-karting at East Coast Karting and the Treego obstacle course.

We definitely missed many great places in this post, so feel free to share your gems on our Facebook page. Cheers!