• July 11, 2017

How to choose the best collision center.

How to choose the best collision center.

How to choose the best collision center. 1000 707 Champlain Auto Body - Moncton's most trusted car collision repair center

Choosing the right collision center to repair your vehicle can be a little bit overwhelming, especially when you’ve recently been involved in a car accident.

Of course we think you should always consider our shop to fix your car, but if you choose not to, here are a few pointers to help you identify the good body shops.

  1. Satisfaction rating.

Everyone in your entourage may have different recommendations based on their personal experience. You can always compare those references with online ratings. When satisfied customers take the time to leave us a 5 stars rating, it means a lot to us. It shows we’re doing the right thing. We also have an external rating system that evaluates our customers’ satisfaction through surveys.

  1. Accurate estimate.

Luc Robichaud Production ManagerWhen trying to find the right body shop to fix your vehicle, it’s easier to make an informed decision when an accurate estimate is provided to you. That’s why our team at CSN – Champlain Auto Body take the time to look further than what is on the surface. People seem to prefer to have a final bill that’s closer to the estimate, because we were able to find potential problems lurking under the bumper. Remember that regardless of the quote or what your insurance tells you, as a customer, you always have the right to choose which body shop to have your vehicle repaired at.

Make sure your estimate includes parts and labor and that your vehicle was inspected under the damaged areas to make sure there won’t be any significant surprises at the end.

  1. Perkswomen's hand presses on the remote control car alarm systems

Who doesn’t like to be spoiled a little? By perks we mean we’ll take care of your car rental arrangements, offer courtesy shuttle and deal directly with your insurance company if you’re making a claim. Make sure to ask your body shop how you’ll get from point A to point B while your car is getting fixed.

  1. Warranty

We always stand behind our work, which is why we have a lifetime warranty to back it up so you are not caught off-guard.

Before going forward with a collision center, make sure to inquire about warranty and protection.



  1. Experience and training.

Champlain Auto Body has been an established business for over 40 years now. We have received many accreditations and awards over the years, including becoming the first CCIAP in New Brunswick and the fact that all of our technicians are I-Car certified. Collectively we have over 260 years of experience in the collision repair industry and our employees have spent over 1500 combined hours of training.

Don’t hesitate to ask your body shop about its accreditations. View all Champlain Auto Body’s Partners and accreditations.

  1. Technology and trends.

r1234yf ac repairAs much as we like to brag about our newest shiny tools, there is actually a good reason for that. New cars often require highly developed tools so they can be fixed according to their manufacturing standards. In our shop we duplicate factory welds, recalibrate sensors, refill and recharge A/C and complete all repairs to original equipment manufacturing (OEM) specifications.

Make sure the collision center has the right equipment to fix your vehicle.


Make sure you understand the true value that is associated with getting your car fixed. Ask for added value such as car rental arrangements, customer shuttle, etc. Ask about warranties, accreditations, tools and experience before committing to a collision centre.

If this article didn’t convince you to come to our body shop, we hope it provided you with enough knowledge to help you in your decision.